Hello and welcome! My name is Mandy Elliott and I have been a Holistic Health Practitioner since 2000. My work and my personal life have taken me on many twists and turns over the years. All of my experiences, be they good, bad and everything in between, have given me the knowledge and skillset that is needed in order to be a fully rounded holistic practitioner. Of course, the learning is never done so my practice is always evolving.

The main focus of my work is centred on ‘Gut Health’. Basically, if your gut is not healthy, then the rest of you will not be healthy, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too.

I also work with Mental and Emotional Challenges using Emotional Freedom Technique and Homeopathy, alongside Gut Health Support and Diet Changes. Plus, I’m passionate about helping my clients Detox, an area of health and wellbeing that I have been involved in for many years.

I can support you either through One To One Consultations, or through a number of Health Talks that I have put together. These are always enlightening as we learn so much by listening to other people’s stories and sharing knowledge.

“My focus is to help those people who want to help themselves, by providing support and guidance, whilst you make those small steps or giant leaps towards better health and vitality.”

October 2020 – Closure Of Colonic Clinics

Earlier this year, March 2020, I opened ‘Priory Coffee’, a speciality coffee shop where I live in Stoke-Sub-Hamdon, Somerset. Although this new business venture was going to take up a lot of my time, my intention was always to carry on running my colonic clinics. Then along came COVID19!!!

Opening a coffee shop 3 days before lockdown was not the greatest of timings. Consequently, I have literally thrown myself into making this new business work alongside a global pandemic. As you can imagine, this takes up all of my time, energy and focus, and so I regret to say, that after 15 years of working as a colon hydrotherapist, I have decided to hang up my tubes and give up working in my clinics.

Obviously my passion for health hasn’t just up and gone. I have just returned from running 2 health retreats at Wild View Retreats in Portugal, and will hopefully carry on with that next year. (See below). I will also carry on doing one-to-one consultations via video link or face to face. Plus, I am starting a series of health talks at Priory Coffee, from the 19th November 2020. (See Talks and Workshops Page)



1996 – 2000: Trained as a Homeopath at The School of Homeopathy (Regents)
2005: Trained as a Colonic Hydrotherapist at The Scottish School of Colonic Hydrotherapy
2010: Trained as an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner. Also known as EFT or Tapping
2012: Trained in Matrix Reimprinting: An add on to EFT

I am a registered Colonic Hydrotherapist with ARCH – Association of Registered Colonic Hydrotherapists.
I am insured for my qualifications with Balens.
In order to remain registered and insured, I do at least 30 hours of CPD (Continued Professional Development) per year.


I have been lecturing at The South Downs School of Homeopathy since I graduated back in 2000. I also run my own talks and workshops and have given ‘Gut Health’ talks at Juicy Oasis, Amchara and Wild View Retreat.

Visit Talks & Workshops page.


2001: VITALITY DETOX RETREATS – These were 4 and 7 day juice fasts I ran with Jem Friar for 12 years.
2004: KALIYOGA RETREATS – I set up the detox programme for Kaliyoga in Spain.
2013 – 2017: JUICY OASIS – Colonic Hydrotherapists for Jason Vale in Portugal.
2017 – Now: AMCHARA HEALTH RETREATS – Colonic Hydrotherapist.
2018 – Now: WILD VIEW RETREAT – I now manage/facilitate the detox retreats at this gorgeous venue in Portugal.