“The concept of holistic health encourages people to accept responsibility for their wellbeing and the everyday choices that effect their health.
There’s nothing better than the feeling of being in control of your own health and life experiences.”

‘Holistic’ basically means a type of therapy that takes into account the whole person rather than just the illness or specific part of the body. It is not always the symptom staring you in the face that needs treating as sometimes there are deeper issues that have to be addressed in order to reach and maintain health.

The reason that holistic therapies work so well in our modern world, is because stress, worry, anxiety and depression are on the increase. These mental and emotional causations can have an enormous negative impact on our physical being, often starting with gut issues, and then developing into more serious forms of chronic disease. Equally, when you improve your physical health, it can improve your emotional wellbeing too…..Everything is connected.

“The Elimination Diet – Remove…..Anger, Regret, Worry, Resentment, Guilt and Blame.
Then watch your health and life improve.” Charles F Glassman

During this 1 hour consultation, I will be looking at all of your symptoms, problems and challenges, and then making recommendations for further treatments from there if needed. This is a great way to start any health and wellbeing program because you get guidance from day one in a systematic way, rather than trying to work it all out for yourself.